Emergency Water Storage Guidelines

(1)  Use Large New or Reconditioned Food Grade Water Drums or Water Barrels  For long tern storage.
(2)  Use smaller water containers for portability, rationing, sharing and daily usage.
(3)  Always sterilize your water drums or water containers before filling.
(4)  Use a water storage treatment such as Purogene or Bleach to keep bacteria out during long term water storage.
(5)  Be sure to purchase a hand pump to transfer water from the water drum or water container.

For additional Information Call 800-560-2334


Your Water supply is the most important item needed during times of emergency.

Water is not only needed to drink, but is also needed for washing.

The Most cost effective way to store water is in plastic water barrels.

Our plastic water barrels are made of (HDPE) High Density  polyethylene Plastic.

HDPE is  the material approved by the FDA for water and food product storage.

Our new water barrels are brand new factory fresh.

Our reconditioned water barrels are one time use Soft drink and juice Barrels and have been triple washed

with antibacterial cleaner.